August 14-19, 2017

CAMP noun: ‘camp’ plural: ‘camps’ --a recreational institution providing facilities for outdoor activities, sports, crafts, and other special interests and typically featuring rustic overnight accommodations.

As you may know, Lancaster Yarn Shop offers classes and free workshops throughout the year, generally a few times a month.  ‘YARN CAMP’ takes place every year in August, and is a week-long series of daily, FREE Workshops that can be taken independently or together in a series!  Taken separately, these are one-time, stand-alone workshops; taken together, you have a knitting immersion experience.  ‘Campers’ may register for one, or a few, or all of the workshops offered during the week. 

Please Note!  Yarn Camp is “camp” in name only – we do not feature ‘rustic overnight accommodations,’ we don’t use gimp, nor do we serve ‘bug juice.’  What we do is offer a wide variety of projects and instruction in a short time, and we invite you to join in the fun!  All the details about this year’s Yarn Camp can be found by visiting the Classes page HERE on our website.  As with all classes and workshops at Lancaster Yarn Shop, Pre-Registration is required – please call the shop (717) 768-8007 to register.

If you are going for the knitting immersion experience, remember that there are luxury accommodations available right HERE at Kitchen Kettle Village.