LYS FREE Workshop Policy

Space is limited. Pre-registration is required.  Please give us advance notice if you are unable to attend.   LYS reserves the right to cancel or reschedule FREE Workshops. Tuition is FREE; materials must be purchased at LYS.  All tools and materials are available for purchase at LYS.

FREE Workshop Participants are expected to meet skill levels as per Workshop Descriptions.

LYS Class Policy

Class size is limited. Pre-registration is required, and your payment is expected at time of registration. Class fees are not refundable after one week before class.   LYS reserves the right to cancel classes and fees will be refunded, classes may also be re-scheduled by LYS with advance notification.  Class fees are for instruction only and do not include cost of yarn, patterns, or needles.  There is no refund or make-up class for missed classes.

Material lists will be provided. Please have your supplies and yarns at the start of your first class session.  All tools and materials are available for purchase at LYS.  You may bring your own tools - materials must be purchased at LYS. 

Class Participants are expected to meet skill levels as per Class Descriptions.

Private Lessons

We're happy to answer your questions, help you pick up a dropped stitch or interpret that strange chart.  More complicated issues may require a Private Lesson.  Advice is free, but instruction is forty dollars an hour. 

LYS offers Private Lessons in Knitting and Finishing.   Private Lessons are available by appointment.  The rate for 2015 is $40.00/hour which is billed in fifteen minute increments with a thirty minute minimum + materials.  This rate is for one student/one teacher.  Additional fees apply for additional students. 

Call with questions or to schedule (717) 768-8007.

Phone Sales

We are happy  to take orders over the phone for merchandise in the shop.  The expectation is that payment will be made at the time of your call unless other arrangements are made.  Orders to ship will be shipped via US Priority Mail as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

As always, All Sales are Final.

Special Orders

We are happy to take special orders for merchandise we might not normally stock, for example a particular color or weight or quantity of yarn or a special tool or needle.  We will place the order and notify you when your yarn or tools arrive.  We ask that you pick up your special order or make other payment arrangements within 3 business days
Particularly large or unusual orders may require payment or a deposit at the time of the order.  Please note that all special orders are made with the understanding that you will purchase the merchandise.

As always, All Sales are Final.

Yarn Winding Policy

If you purchase yarn in a skein, you will want to wind it into a ball before you start your project.  If you do not have a ball winder and swift, this is easily accomplished by hand (ask a knitter or YouTube).  The cost of the yarn does NOT include winding a skein into a ball. As a favor to you, we can almost always wind one skein of your yarn purchased here at Lancaster Yarn Shop.  We are happy to wind additional skeins for a fee of one dollar per skein, and you should plan on leaving your yarn with us to pick up later. Our ball winder and swift are for the use of LYS employees only. Thank you for understanding.