Brown Truck, Brown Box...

When UPS drives up at the back of the shop, we can see the back edge of the truck from the counter.  Instead of a blurry view of a sliver of parking lot & quilt shop, everything is suddenly that solid dark brown...

...and then in comes the UPS deliveryperson, who is of course dressed in brown and has brown hair.  She's always friendly, even if it's only ever a polite "hi, how are you today?"  It's always good to say hi to people like her -- we've all worked in retail (ha) or in a service job; isn't it nice when people acknowledge you?  It's almost like they realize you're people too.

Today a big heavy box came, and in it was a shelf-full of Simplicity and a bunch of Zauberball, too.  Let's take a look...

It's a basket of Zauberballs!  Here's a close-up of the best one (and also of the rainbow, because rainbow):

The bottom of the box was all Simplicity.  EVERY COLOR:

New yarn, new yarn... new yarn... how much better could today possibly have been?

A new free pattern, that's how.

2 skeins alpaca!  We have lots of alpaca!  It has cables!  You need one!  Click through to the Ravelry page for download & more pictures.


It got its picture taken with a geranium, that's how you know it's one of the cool kids.