Kilino Summer Scarf

We have a new pattern! We have fallen in love with this new yarn from Schulana. Kilino is a linen & cotton, chained yarn. It is delightful to knit with.  I hurried to write a patten to show off the great qualities of this yarn. And then I hurriedly typed it up. (Can you see where this is going?)
This morning, we got a note from a customer that there is an error in our Kilino Summer Scarf pattern. My heart sank. I kept my notes, so the changes were easy to make,and the corrected pattern is available on Ravelry today.
I sure hope this hasn't driven anyone too crazy!

Cast on should be 41 sts not 51.
Row 5 should read:  K3, *k2tog twice (YO, K1) three times, YO, (sl 1, K1, psso) twice, K1* repeat to last two sts., K2.