Kilino--Linen & Cotton Yarn from Schulana

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”
Leo Tolstoy

I have fallen in love with a new yarn.  Again.  This time it's from Schulana, and it's called KILINO.  Kilino is a linen and cotton yarn with a chained construction. It doesn't split, it is smooth--but delightfully starchy like new linen should be--and it washes up and blocks beautifully.  There are twelve colors.  I'm making a Summer Scarf on US #8 needles, and I also knit a swatch on US#6 needles in a pretty lace pattern.  I knit the swatch on Brittany needles while I got a feel for the yarn but my Summer Scarf is on my Addi Turbos.

Knitting with spring and summer yarns is different than knitting with wool.  The fabric is lighter, has more drape and feels cooler on your skin. You may have to adjust your knitting style a little to work with linen and cotton yarns, and of course, you'll want to be sure to check your gauge.  
I am indiscriminate in my love of yarns. I'll knit anything, and I'll adapt to the limitations and specifications of almost any material. Especially if it comes in pretty colors.