Is this Spring?

Another chilly, rainy weekend is forecast for  Lancaster County, PA.  Nothing extends the season for sporting our hand knits like a slow, cool Spring! 

We are treated to a veritable hand knits parade here at LYS.  Not a day goes by that someone doesn't pull up her pants cuff to show us her hand knit socks--or spin around to show us the drape of a recently finished crochet shawl!  Lots of these folks oblige us with a knitter's handshake--you know, instead of a friendly "hand" shake, we just reach in to stroke their hand knit sleeve!  Many oblige us when we pull out the camera, too!  We just can't resist those fresh hand knits!

Stop by to see  new Spring & Summer yarns--and to show off your hand knits!  We can't wait to see you this Spring at LYS!