MDSW 2010


Has it been a year since our last trek to MDSW? Tomorrow we head over to beautiful West Friendship, MD for another day of full fiber immersion!
I'm really excited about loading up our van-full of knitters & spinners from Lancaster County for a day out! The weather forecast is a little dire. Very hot, relatively humid & 'unsettled' with a heavy thunderstorm in the afternoon. Last year we braved temps in the high 40's & cold wind to boot. It was a nice day for hand knit woolies! My best purchase last year? A pair of raspberry (of course) alpaca socks to wear home in the car! We were soaked by the end of the day & it was cold! This year I guess we'll opt for cotton & linen & enjoy looking at the wool, the sheep & all the goodies.
The exhibition barn is high on my list for this year. I love to see finished pieces, and this exhibit often has the best of the best!
Some of the fiber luminaries we may see: Clara Parkes, the Knitmore Girls, Guido, the SavvyGirls...there is a podcaster meet & greet Sunday at 10:30 in the Columbia Sit N Knit Hospitality tent!
Happy knitting & nattering!
Hope to see you at Maryland Sheep & Wool!