WWKiP at LYS 2010

Taken almost verbatim from our most recent newsletter, here is a reminder about WWKiP at LYS!

World Wide Knit in Public Day comes to LYS Saturday June 12, 2010! This is a global knitting happening which last year featured 1,000 KiP events happening in over 34 countries!
WWKiP, started in 2005 by Danielle Landes, is about knitting as a community activity. So often, knitting is a solitary act, but this knitter-run event is a reminder that we can build community with our handwork.
Our knitting event starts with a Ceremonial Cast-On at 10:00 am & we'll 'Bind Off' at 6:00! Ongoing through the day we'll celebrate with door prizes, refreshments, & ample opportunities to build community together. Don't forget to bring a chair!
We're very excited this year to take our KiP to the next level with the LYS KNiTTING BUGGY! We've arranged for a Horse Drawn Carriage to come pick you up at our door! Imagine a buggy ride along beautiful country lanes, through a covered bridge, past cows & maybe even some sheep--while knitting & purling with 8 new friends! We see the Knitting Buggy as a unique opportunity to celebrate our craft together in the breathtaking landscape of rural Lancaster County.
Buggies leave at 11:00 am & again at 3:00 pm. Reservations for the Knitting Buggy are required! Send an email to lancasteryarnshop@gmail.com with KNiTTING BUGGY in the subject line, or call the shop at (717) 768-8007 & we'll be happy to add your name to the list. All KiP knitters will receive a very special LYS rate of $8.00 each for the 55 minute buggy ride.
WWKiP: "Better living through stitching together."