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Wild Fibers Magazine
Exploring the animals, art, and culture, of the natural fiber industry

This beautiful magazine has a mission to 'educate and promote all aspects of the natural fiber industry with special emphasis on sustainable practices and responsible use of natural resources throughout the world. (They) believe fibers represent an important chapter not only to artisans and cultural development, but an increasing sensitivity to environmental impact as well.'

I sometimes refer to Ravelry as 'facebook for knitters & crocheters'--well, Wild Fibers is 'National Geographic for knitters & crocheters.' The stories & breathtaking images take you on an armchair tour of some of the world's most remote & lovely places--where there happen to be fiber flocks, weavers & knitters, and a heritage of traditional crafts.

The new issue of Wild Fibers will at times make you howl as we once again go chasing around some of the most remote areas of the planet in search of wild and unusual stories about the fiber industry. It will also give you pause, as we look at some of the unimaginable struggles that continue to both challenge and threaten the guardians of some of our most precious fibers.

Travel to the High Andes and learn about Nilda Callañaupa Alvarez’s inspiring efforts to save ancient Incan textile traditions, and then “wander” through the Gobi learning some hard facts about the cashmere industry, and finally visit with a diamond digger in Lesotho who has traded his “semi-precious” shovel for a very precious flock.

Thanks again to LYS knitters who participated in the Wild Fibers World's Longest Scarf project last year. We are happy to have contributed to the nearly $25,000. raised to support Heifer International in preserving & protecting rare fiber flock animals around the world.

This Thursday at Knit Night we'll have a random drawing to win a copy of both the Spring 2010 issue & the Winter 2010 issue of Wild Fibers. Can't make it? Leave a comment here before 5:00 p on Thursday March 11 to be entered in the drawing.

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Happy Knitting!