Knitters Knitting Knits!

So much knitting to talk about! Nearly every day brings new knitters & crocheters & lots and lots of quilters/knitters through the doors at LYS. Our little shop on Old Philadelphia Pike really is a crossroads of the world tucked away in Lancaster County. So, it's hello & happy knitting to Torie who was visiting Intercourse & was suddenly stricken with a need to learn to knit! You were a quick study, Torie & I hope you've started your first sweater!

A big hello to Vanessa & Corrine from Queens. These gals came into the area for a weekend in October. Vanessa bought a big skein of Burly Spun from Brown Sheep company, and stopped in the next day to show us the cool mobius she had crocheted. Vanessa owns a boutique in Queens, NY called Stella Gialla.

If you're visiting the area and your trip includes a Thursday overnight, won't you join us for our Thursday knitting group? We've entertained and been entertained by knitters from all over the place, and we'd love a chance to make you feel right at home at LYS.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for special events, holiday hours & an occasional sweet deal or giveaway! We tweet as Thanks and hello to Lisa at Kitchen Kettle Village who recently blogged about LYS on See you around the knitting shop!