WWKIPD + Much More!

Hello! Good Morning! It's a beautiful day out here at Kitchen Kettle Village LYS.

June 13th was World Wide Knit in Public Day. We had guest knitters at both of our shops. I was at Kitchen Kettle knitting on some socks. How relaxing!

(Pictured Above: WWKIP Day @ LYS in KKV)

(Pictured Above: WWKIP Day @ LYS in KKV)

Emma's socks in maryjanes stole the spotlight and were the envy of every knitter there!

(Pictured Above: Emma's pretty socks)

Teddy was a good boy.

(Pictured Above: Teddy keeping the knitters company)

We have a June newsletter out. Click here to view it, if you haven't already subscribed.

I'd also like to share with you, LYS owner Bob Ellis is in a really fun band called The Wringers. There have been talks about knitting songs with needle clicks and my high old timey voice for vocals. If you're lucky you can catch them on Music Fridays at the downtown LYS. Call ahead. My son Mister Oc always has a good time dancing right smack in the middle of the band haha.

(Video: The Wringers)

I'm thrilled to say that I took the first part of the Magic Loop class last weekend. I was bursting with sock enthusiasm! My laddering problem is solved. Now when I pull on my stitch to tighten up the ladder it tightens around the circular needle's cord, which is even smaller than the needle part and gets rid of my ladders completely. Thank goodness. Quick, no ladders, and you gets to knit socks on ADDIS! What more could you want??

I was so inspired that I bought Cookie A.'s book Sock Innovation along with the provided book, Sensational Socks. Both inspiring and very helpful. I'm knitting a chevron pattern with my own hand dyed sock yarn (available at both LYS locations) along with a matching Ballad ball in brown.

(Pictured Above: KnittyDirtyGirl sock yarn)

All LYS classes are listed here. They all look very exciting. You should take the Brioch Shawl or the Radiate class! Gorgeous!

(Pictured Above: Brioch Shawl in Zara)

Below is a photo of Wendy's socks in a skein of Whorled Peace yarn + ShiBui, using a pattern from the Handpainted Sock book that I also own. (GORGEOUS BOOK). I watched Wendy knit it and the colorwork has a nice rhthym to it. I think I might want to try that next!

(Pictured Above: Wendy's sock WIP)

Thanks for stopping by! Please come see me @ my reception on July 3rd. I'm the featured artist @ the downtown LYS. http://lancasteryarnshop.com for more info.

Rachel-Marie + LYS Staffypoo