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CLASS: Darn It!-- Make Do & Mend

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Class:  Darn It! Or ‘Make Do and Mend’--Fixing Handmade Fabrics
Tuition:  $45.00 Tuition includes a wooden darning egg. 

“Darning is a repair process for cloth, used to prolong the life of a garment out of necessity, sentimental reasons or on principle. Darning aims to make new, re-new and restore by the insertion of additional threads into the warp and weft of a cloth to repair holes and tears.”
–Liz Williamson, 2004

Knowing that you can repair a well-loved, worn out sock or make effective repairs to sweaters is encouraging to hand knitters.  Mending and darning involve a skill set that savvy knitters, crocheters and weavers will be able to readily incorporate in repairing and embellishing other garments and fabrics as well.  The Class will cover darning, duplicate stitch, the kitchener stitch, and visible mending. 

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced
Skills Required:   Proficiency at knitting.
Materials:  Worsted weight yarn, fingering and sport weight wool yarn in small amounts for mending and stitching, sharp scissors/snips, darning needles, ruler, thimble (if desired), and if you have one, a small embroidery hoop. You may also bring clean, damaged knit garments and we will brainstorm solutions.

Homework:  3 5” x 5”stockinette swatches (wool & wool blends, especially non-superwash wools are preferred). You may use swatches previously prepared for other projects if you have them. We will be using them to practice techniques.

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Class size is limited.  Preregistration is required.  (717) 768-8007.
Materials for Classes and Free Workshops at LYS must be purchased at LYS.