YARN CAMP--FREE WORKSHOP: Oops! I did it again!

Learn to fix those pesky mistakes!  Transform yourself from a knitter who rips into a knitter who TINKS!

Becoming an accomplished knitter doesn't necessarily mean never making mistakes. Au contraire, the most valuable knitting lessons are often learned from the mistakes we make.  Our knitting "oops" help us understand the knitting process and our product better. So don't throw down your work and give up!  Learn some tricks to get you right back on track.

Learn how to TINK in the same row and in the row below, study stitch orientation, picking up dropped stitches, mistakes in patterning (knit where a purl should be and purl where knit), misplaced increases or decreases, and learn real life knitting tips to avoid mistakes.  During the class you will deliberately make mistakes and then learn to fix them.

Materials:  A kit will be available for purchase and will contain approximately 100 yards light colored, smooth (no bumps) worsted weight yarn, and a repair hook.
You may bring your own needles (US #7 or 8) or we have them available for purchase in the shop. Split ring markers – optional.

Homework:  Purchase your kit and work this swatch in advance:  CO 30 st and work in stockinette stitch for 2 inches.