Reggae Ombre'

What's new in the shop?  We've brought in Reggae Ombre' from Schoppel!  This might be our favorite merino yarn ever!

Reggae Ombre' is a worsted/aran weight, slightly felted single ply yarn.  You'll love it dyed in instantly recognizable, vibrant Schoppel colorways. 

Just in time for brilliant, colorful fall and holiday knitting!

Next week: pattern ideas for Reggae Ombre'!

Kettle Dyed Sock--a new color just snuck in!

We're happy to have a new color on the shelves today!  'Dragonfly' is named for the common Green Darner Dragonfly.  Bright and intense with shades of blue and green, this is a hand painted, variegated yarn that will stripe, pool, and flash depending on your pattern and gauge.  Available in limited quantities here in the shop.  We'll add it to the online shop soon!

(Can't live without it? Call the shop, we'll take phone orders until we're sold out!)


Summer days bring Lancaster County's usually orderly flower beds into full bloom. Visited by butterflies that travel incredible distances, including a beautiful blue butterfly, the Red-spotted Purple (Limenitis arthemis astyanax), perennial and annual flower beds are a point of pride for Lancaster gardeners.

LUMEN is 50% silk and 50% merino in a fingering weight, and the color Lapis is a nod to these rare, fine flying visitors.  Each 100 gram skein is a generous 437 yards, enough for most one skein shawlettes, a beautiful scarf, or a pair of fingerless gloves.  Knit, weave or crochet something beautiful with LUMEN yarn.

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 Colorful Wedges Baby Blanket by PurlSoho

Colorful Wedges Baby Blanket by PurlSoho

What was your first knitting or crochet project? Odds are pretty good that it was a baby blanket!  Learning to knit or crochet with a forgiving pattern (a rectangle!), becoming part of a well loved tradition, and making something with your own hands for a new baby is a pretty great reason to learn how to knit or crochet. 

A quick search on Ravelry reveals 7,911 patterns for knitted baby blankets, and 7,965 crochet patterns.  That's a lot of baby blankets!  Nearly every day in the shop we hear stories about treasured blankets made and given to the babies of dear friends, to our own children, made for our grandchildren, our nieces and nephews.  Many knitters and crocheters participate in charity programs like Project Linus to provide cozy handmade goods to families in need.

We have a Free EVENING Workshop coming up on Tuesday, July 19th to make an eye catching baby (or bigger!) blanket.  We'll choose between Second Time Cotton, a worsted weight, washable cotton yarn or Simplicity DK, a light worsted/DK weight superwash merino/acrylic/nylon blend that is engineered for knitting for children. (Yes! Engineered! It's a twenty-first century yarn!)  The 'Colorful Wedges Baby Blanket' uses short rows to build horizontal triangles of color in garter stitch. It's a satisfying, modern, and appealing pattern.

What colors are trending for babies? We're still hearing GREY, GREY and GREY.  Paired with more traditional colors like pale yellows, baby blues and pinks, or in startling combinations like grey with acid green, white, and purple.  Even 'business casual' palettes show up with shades of grey paired with black and red. Interest in vintage patterns, new patterns, fresh ideas and colors for baby blankets continues to grow. Come make a baby blanket with us!


 Image: A Singer Sewing Trading Card from 1898.

Image: A Singer Sewing Trading Card from 1898.

New World Orioles are a group of birds in the genus Icterus of the blackbird family. A favored, migratory songbird, Orioles weave basket-like nests and fill the woods of the mid-Atlantic with song in the summer. Their brilliant contrasting plumage makes them a stand out beauty in the forests.

LUMEN is 50% silk and 50% merino in a fingering weight, and our Icterus skeins are tribute to the flashing golden orange of the busy orioles nesting in Lancaster County. Each 100 gram skein is 437 yards of silky goodness.  Ready to knit or crochet something amazing?  


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We Love Color--& Coloring!

Franklin Habit's latest publication from SOHO Publishing is a coloring book for us!  The dreamy, imaginative illustrations on heavy paper are an invitation for you to find your colored pencils, crayons, or markers and sit down to color!

"A triumph!" 
"Finally, a coloring book about knitting & yarn!"