Colorful Wedges Baby Blanket by PurlSoho

Colorful Wedges Baby Blanket by PurlSoho

What was your first knitting or crochet project? Odds are pretty good that it was a baby blanket!  Learning to knit or crochet with a forgiving pattern (a rectangle!), becoming part of a well loved tradition, and making something with your own hands for a new baby is a pretty great reason to learn how to knit or crochet. 

A quick search on Ravelry reveals 7,911 patterns for knitted baby blankets, and 7,965 crochet patterns.  That's a lot of baby blankets!  Nearly every day in the shop we hear stories about treasured blankets made and given to the babies of dear friends, to our own children, made for our grandchildren, our nieces and nephews.  Many knitters and crocheters participate in charity programs like Project Linus to provide cozy handmade goods to families in need.

We have a Free EVENING Workshop coming up on Tuesday, July 19th to make an eye catching baby (or bigger!) blanket.  We'll choose between Second Time Cotton, a worsted weight, washable cotton yarn or Simplicity DK, a light worsted/DK weight superwash merino/acrylic/nylon blend that is engineered for knitting for children. (Yes! Engineered! It's a twenty-first century yarn!)  The 'Colorful Wedges Baby Blanket' uses short rows to build horizontal triangles of color in garter stitch. It's a satisfying, modern, and appealing pattern.

What colors are trending for babies? We're still hearing GREY, GREY and GREY.  Paired with more traditional colors like pale yellows, baby blues and pinks, or in startling combinations like grey with acid green, white, and purple.  Even 'business casual' palettes show up with shades of grey paired with black and red. Interest in vintage patterns, new patterns, fresh ideas and colors for baby blankets continues to grow. Come make a baby blanket with us!