New Stitch Patterns

I like to say that we knit for fun. I think this is mostly true, don't you?  Sometimes fun is a garter stitch triangle (the Baktus Scarf, anybody?) and sometimes fun is a new to you stitch pattern.  This week my new pattern is the Fabergé Stitch also variously called the Royal Quilting Stitch or the Scale Quilting stitch. 

I am making the Royal Quilting Hat  designed by Betty Balcomb.  Written for Cascade 220 Sport, I chose a rich walnut for the main color and a mossy green for the decorative stitchwork.

The pattern is simple, but requires a fundamental understanding of tension and stranding yarn--if you are a fair isle knitter, this pattern will interest you.  Not only do you carry the yarn on the wrong side of the work, you also carry the yarn on the outside.

We taught a terrific Free Workshop featuring this pattern, and I encourage you to give it a try.  We have an incredible selection of Cascade 220 Sport in the shop for fall knitting, and this is a great hat.