It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Well, it is if you love wearing, working with or making things out of wool. Oh, WOOL! Oh, yarn! I could rhapsodize and carry on and wax poetic about the goodness of wool.  Instead, I find myself casting on project after project--it's a kind of intoxication, this love of yarn and fiber.

So maybe it is that I love the process equally.  Not just the wool, the fiber, the yarn. I see a color or texture--or a combination of the two--and my mind starts to wander down the path of possibility.  I think, 'Hmmm, that would be gorgeous striped (of course) with a rich dark grey.' Or, 'This shade of blue would make my daughter's eyes stand out, and wouldn't she be cute in the Bandana Cowl?' Or, 'I could hide this pair of socks in the bottom of my knitting bag, and start another project! No one will know!'

My heart gets involved, too and because I am the luckiest yarn shop owner in the world, I get to teach new knitters -- and even experienced knitters -- all sorts of interesting little things about wool and knitting.  I also get to meet and talk with knitters from all over the world. There must something close to a universal answer to the questions: Why do we knit and crochet? What impulse keeps yarn flowing between our needles and hooks?  If you've been in the shop, you've heard me say this:  We don't knit to save time. We don't knit to save money. We knit for a deeper reason. We knit because it really does create community. We knit for fun. We knit for the joy and surprise of it.

Go cast-on something beautiful!